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I am Val Glinskiy, network engineer specializing in data center networks. TIME magazine selected me as Person of the Year in 2006.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

IPExpert, it's 2012.

After reading excellent sample chapter from IPExpert's "IPv4/IPv6 Multicast Operation and Troubleshooting" book I decided to pre-order it. Today I got the pdf file and was very disappointed. The content is still great, but it can only be read on the PC or MAC - no iPad, Kindle or smartphone. Now, my commute is relatively long and I do most of my reading on the bus. Not be able to read documentation on mobile device is major problem for me. If greedy Hollywood studios found a way to provide their content on mobile platforms, so should IPExpert. Especially given the fact that INE provide PDF files DRM-free. This was my first and last purchase of IPExpert product.
Update: FileOpen released iPad/iPhone app, so now I can read that PDF on my iPad.


  1. Actually, there is a FileOpen plugin for iOS.


  2. Actually, there is a FileOpen plugin for iOS.