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Monday, June 22, 2009

JUNOS as a second language

Juniper was kind enough to post "JUNOS As A Second Language" e-learning course aimed at network administrators familiar with Cisco IOS. As somebody who works in production environment I could not help but notice how easy it is to revert changes in JUNOS with "commit confirmed" command.
Well, it turns out that IOS 12.4 has similar feature with "configure replace". From Cisco documentation:

Configuration Rollback Confirmed Change

The Configuration Rollback Confirmed Change feature enables an added criteria of a confirmation to configuration changes. This functionality enables a rollback to occur if a confirmation of the requested changes is not received in a configured time frame. Command failures can also be configured to trigger a configuration rollback.

The following steps outline how this process is achieved:

1. When entering configuration mode, this new option allows you to request confirmation (a confirmation time limit must be supplied) of the configuration changes.

2. After exiting configuration mode, you must enter the confirmation command. If no confirmation is entered within the requested time limit, the configuration will revert to its previous state.

configure replace target-url [nolock] [list] [force] [ignorecase] [revert trigger [error] [timer minutes] | time minutes]

It might come in handy next time when you change IP address on the wrong interface or make mistake in ACL.
Disclaimer: I strongly advise that you have console server with out-of-band access connected to all your critical production routers.

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